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The Michael Phelps Marijuana Charge Still in Limbo

The eight time Olympic Gold Medal winner Michael Phelps marijuana charge has become a key conversation in American blogs and late night talk shows. Is it fair to say that Michael Phelps made a bad mistake being seen smoking pot from a bong? Has this presumptuous case become overshadowed by a South Carolina Sheriff that is looking to make a big name for himself – thrusting this case in front of the national media?

Phelps marijuana
The sad mistake that Michael Phelps made was forgetting about his fame – bringing in that unpleasant valor of disappointment to so many young Americans. After Michael Phelps won his eight gold medal he became a media darling and was embraced by many youth who were looking for a role-model that they could admire and respect.

Michael Phelps has now learned that South Carolina Sheriff Leon Lott plans to continue his in-depth investigation of the Olympic star marijuana use. There are many Richland residents that feel the sheriff has gone too far in the pursuit to prosecute and charge the eight time Olympic champion.

The sheriff’s department has not disclosed all of the details of the case at hand; they have noted that there are many other issues that need to be addressed before moving on with the case. Previous to finding Michael Phelps used a pipe to smoke marijuana, there was a major drug bust by deputy sheriff’s that searched two houses for evidence concerning anything linked to the Olympic swimmer mishap.

Michael Phelps has lost many viable key endorsements from companies that could have offered him many opportunities to embrace the youths of America in a positive light.

The question is this; will Richland County sheriff department spend extra resources to extradite Michael Phelps for a misdemeanor charge?