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Legalization of Marijuana

Marijuana is an illegal narcotic used to achieve what is commonly known as a high to soothe pain or induce thoughts of relaxation. The use of this drug has been noted by several historical references such as how the American Indians used it as a spiritual enhancement for the tribes that used it.

The herb is relatively harmless when smoked in its pure raw form in a safe way minus the effects on the lungs.

It has been clinically proven to be of less harm than tobacco use by lung damage, to be used as a pain reliever for people with chronic pain illnesses such as arthritis and fibromyalgia, and to induce thought process repair in autistic individuals. It has also been proven that alcohol related deaths are far more costly in lives than that of marijuana.

weed legalization
My opinion on the matter is that it should be legalized and sold in stores with high tax to lessen the criminal law violations and restore the economy to a better state.

First, by legalizing marijuana the law could be applied to the purchase of individuals whom are entitled to tobacco purchase rights according to state laws and minimum age requirements to the individual state laws respectively.

The same law can be applied to where intoxicated individuals can not operate machinery or a motor vehicle while affected by the drug. After weed legalized by federal law, drugĀ  testing will end immediately. Products like synthetic urine, fake detox pills and THC detox drinks wont be sold anymore. Its bad for some company, but good for us.

Secondly, the economy can profit from the sales by government grown plants so the dealers on the streets lose money and the government gains money to put towards the nation’s deficit.

Thirdly, the pain affected individuals can be at more peace by buying marijuana from a store or possibly a government marijuana distribution office and not suffer needlessly.

In conclusion, the legalization of marijuana can lower crime and raise government profit while refined laws can be enforced where all profit except for drug dealers.

Sinsemilla Growing of Marijuana

sinsemilla growing


Marijuana is a curious plant when it is domesticated. Like certain other plants such as strawberries or apple trees, the cannabis sativa plant can be propagated by cutting a section from one plant and transplanting that cutting to grow on its own. Marijuana growing without seeds is known as sinsemilla, and it has become a world-renowned method for producing the most potent and unique marijuana strains on the market.

Cannabis growth for human recreational use depends on one underlying principle. Female plants are used due to the presence of THC-rich buds in between the leaves. These buds contain hundreds of tiny hairs that are designed to catch pollen from male plants.

However, if male plants are removed from the growing environment, the little hairs do not catch the pollen. As a result, the female plant devotes more of its energy to producing larger buds with larger hairs that can be more effective at catching the male pollen (even though it’s not present). This process of starving the female plant of the male reproductive component allows for optimum growth of THC-rich buds.

sinsemilla growing guide

If male plants are present, then they have the potential to fertilize the female plants. If this occurs, the female plant devotes less energy to creating larger buds and more toward producing seeds to create cannabis offspring.

One advantage of the sinsemilla growing technique is that growers automatically know if the clone plant will be male or female. When growing marijuana, growers generally discard male plants because they do not contain the THC-rich buds that account for the majority of marijuana consumption worldwide.

Thus, when growing with seeds, the grower runs a 50% chance of getting male plants mixed in with female plants in the crop.

If one has limited growing space in a world which has criminalized marijuana, the space that is available must be used to the fullest and most advantageous extent.

Unfortunately, one does not know a plant is male or female until advanced stages in the growth phase when either buds or pollen glands start to emerge from between the cannabis leaves.

In other words, much time and energy could be wasted attempting to grow female plants from seeds if the probability of the plant being male is 50/50. Therefore, sinsemilla provides a much more sure way of propagating and growing female cannabis plants.

Actually, cuttings can be used to determine if a cannabis plant is male or female. A cutting taken from a plant of indeterminate sex can be subjected to a certain light regimen, after which it will flower and determine the sex of the clone parent.

However, if you are using cuttings to determine the sex of the plant, then you are perfectly capable of growing with the sinsemilla technique which depends on cuttings to work. Seeds can be completely eliminated with the exception of an initial crop that is started using seeds rather than cuttings.

Only unpollinated female plants can be used in the sinsemilla growing process. To accomplish this, male plants must be removed early in the growing phase of a crop to remove the risk of pollen reaching the female plant buds. Before a female plant flowers, a cutting can be taken to begin what is known as a clone bank.


These clones will be genetically identical to the parent plant, which ensures that a viable strain of marijuana can be duplicated with little variation over subsequent growings. Furthermore, the clone plants will ripen at the same time which can help growers better plan their crop rotations and harvests.

Finally, since cuttings have already attained a degree of growth when they are transplanted, the sinsemilla marijuana plant takes less time to ripen than one grown from a seed. All of these factors are particularly important in regions that have decriminalized marijuana, particularly the coffee house region of Amsterdam.

These shops pride themselves on certain strains and varieties that can only be duplicated through the sinsemilla method of growth.

Marijuana once again demonstrates its versatility for human growth and consumption. Imagine the thriving and diverse market that could be created if marijuana was decriminalized in the United States and its cultivation put back into the hands of the farmer or gardener.

The Michael Phelps Marijuana Charge Still in Limbo

The eight time Olympic Gold Medal winner Michael Phelps marijuana charge has become a key conversation in American blogs and late night talk shows. Is it fair to say that Michael Phelps made a bad mistake being seen smoking pot from a bong? Has this presumptuous case become overshadowed by a South Carolina Sheriff that is looking to make a big name for himself – thrusting this case in front of the national media?

Phelps marijuana
The sad mistake that Michael Phelps made was forgetting about his fame – bringing in that unpleasant valor of disappointment to so many young Americans. After Michael Phelps won his eight gold medal he became a media darling and was embraced by many youth who were looking for a role-model that they could admire and respect.

Michael Phelps has now learned that South Carolina Sheriff Leon Lott plans to continue his in-depth investigation of the Olympic star marijuana use. There are many Richland residents that feel the sheriff has gone too far in the pursuit to prosecute and charge the eight time Olympic champion.

The sheriff’s department has not disclosed all of the details of the case at hand; they have noted that there are many other issues that need to be addressed before moving on with the case. Previous to finding Michael Phelps used a pipe to smoke marijuana, there was a major drug bust by deputy sheriff’s that searched two houses for evidence concerning anything linked to the Olympic swimmer mishap.

Michael Phelps has lost many viable key endorsements from companies that could have offered him many opportunities to embrace the youths of America in a positive light.

The question is this; will Richland County sheriff department spend extra resources to extradite Michael Phelps for a misdemeanor charge?