Legalization of Marijuana

Marijuana is an illegal narcotic used to achieve what is commonly known as a high to soothe pain or induce thoughts of relaxation. The use of this drug has been noted by several historical references such as how the American Indians used it as a spiritual enhancement for the tribes that used it.

The herb is relatively harmless when smoked in its pure raw form in a safe way minus the effects on the lungs.

It has been clinically proven to be of less harm than tobacco use by lung damage, to be used as a pain reliever for people with chronic pain illnesses such as arthritis and fibromyalgia, and to induce thought process repair in autistic individuals. It has also been proven that alcohol related deaths are far more costly in lives than that of marijuana.

weed legalization
My opinion on the matter is that it should be legalized and sold in stores with high tax to lessen the criminal law violations and restore the economy to a better state.

First, by legalizing marijuana the law could be applied to the purchase of individuals whom are entitled to tobacco purchase rights according to state laws and minimum age requirements to the individual state laws respectively.

The same law can be applied to where intoxicated individuals can not operate machinery or a motor vehicle while affected by the drug. After weed legalized by federal law, drugĀ  testing will end immediately. Products like synthetic urine, fake detox pills and THC detox drinks wont be sold anymore. Its bad for some company, but good for us.

Secondly, the economy can profit from the sales by government grown plants so the dealers on the streets lose money and the government gains money to put towards the nation’s deficit.

Thirdly, the pain affected individuals can be at more peace by buying marijuana from a store or possibly a government marijuana distribution office and not suffer needlessly.

In conclusion, the legalization of marijuana can lower crime and raise government profit while refined laws can be enforced where all profit except for drug dealers.